About Me..

First off.. Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m a 23 year old Masters Student and Part-time Waitress. I live a quite simple life and there isn’t much to know. I have a Degree in Forensic Psychology and I am not currently partaking in a Masters Degree in Forensic Science (Biology) at Huddersfield University. I work at a Bar-Restaurant (Banyan in Ilkley, West Yorkshire), as a part time waitress to help me finance my life whilst studying. Other than that, not much goes on in my life.

I have an amazing boyfriend, the best family I could ask for, and I’m a proud parent to a little dog and a little cat!

During Quarantine, I decided to make a film review blog. Just to confirm, I am not a film expert, nor do I have any experience or qualifications in this area, other than working at my local cinema for just over a year. I do not intend for anybody to take my word on any films, these are just my personal opinions 😃 I have a wide array of film genres that I enjoy, so these reviews will range from family films, to romance films, all the way to horrors!

Anyway, enough about boring little me, I hope that you enjoy this bog and my reviews, hopefully they’re helpful for what you decide to watch! Enjoy ❣️

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