Trick (2019)

I watched this film for 2 reasons; 1- it was in the Netflix UK Top 10, 2- i was in … More

Fantasy Island (2020)

This was yet another typical Lucy Hale Horror Film.. it wasn’t the best horror I’ve ever seen, but it certainly … More

Escape Room (2017)

The main aspect that originally drew me into watching this film was the fact that Skeet Ulrich was tarring in … More

About Me..

First off.. Hi, I’m Natalie! I’m a 23 year old Masters Student and Part-time Waitress. I live a quite simple … More

The Visit (2015)

What was this. I have a rule that if I start a film I must finish it, whether it’s good … More

Mother! (2017)

I really, honestly don’t know where to start with reviewing this film. Initially, my reaction was drawn in purely due … More