Escape Room (2017)

The main aspect that originally drew me into watching this film was the fact that Skeet Ulrich was tarring in this. I’ve seen him in scream and riverdale and enjoyed watching him in both of these .. Escape Room however was a very big exception to the enjoyable acting of Skeet Ulrich.

I have seen several ‘Escape Room’ films previously and enjoyed them all, this film was not living up to the escape room film expectation. This film was just poor exectuated as well as poorly scripted and had a poor storyline. There wasn’t many points through this film that kept me engaged or wondering what was going to happen next.

At the beginning and end of the film, they seemed to make a huge deal about the ‘box’, but this film could have been much better if they had just scraped the idea of the box all together… this aspect was just confusing and generally a waste of time.

The ending of this film was somewhat confusing too. It ended as if there was an expectation that there would be a sequel, which has not yet been produced. There was no clear explanation as to how the writer and producer expected this film to conclude.

Overall, I probably would not recommend watching this film!

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