The Lovely Bones (2009)

I have been wanting to watch this film for a while, but I just never found the time.. However, I’m certainly glad I eventually found the time. I have to admit that I originally when into this film think that it would be very much a crime based film, and although there were aspects of crime and investigation throughout the film, I was quite mistaken! This film is about a missing 14 year old girl, however this focuses heavily on her experiences within purgatory, as well as her family and how they deal with the grief of there loss.

I have to say, the acting throughout this film was fantastic, huge credit too all of the actors involved in this film! The relationship between the family were extremely pure, which made the loss of Susie even more upsetting!

I won’t say much about the ending as I don’t want to give any spoiler, however all I would say is that the ending to this film is quite satisfying, along with a slight sadness! I won’t say anything else to avoid spoiling this film, but you’ll completely understand what I mean when you watch this film.

I think my only negative comment about this film was that it was quite clouded with special effects, which were not always as convincing as you would hope. However this did not take anything away from how drawn in I was to this film.

Overall, I would recommend anybody to watch this film. It sad, with a whole head of happy thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

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