Midsummer (2019)

What have I just watched!?! Although this is my reaction, this film was fabulous! It gave me a huge range of emotions, which would not be what you’d expect from a film with the trailer that is shown. Firstly, I’d definitely say that I preferred this film over Ari Asters other film, Hereditary.

Firstly, there were parts of this film that were insanely gruesome and traffic so be prepared for that… I don’t midd graphic scenes in films, they just don’t bother me but this was on another level, so prepare yourself for that!

There was actually one section in this film that made me smile, with pure joy, it was (at that point in the film) so pure, just pure happiness. To confirm, this was the May flower dancing scene, but that’s the only somewhat spoiler I will give. This sounds so strange to say for the film that I’m talking about, however you’ll understand when you see this scene.

As for the ending, what you see is exactly what you get. Although throughout the film there are hidden meanings that you may not notice, the end is exactly as it appears to be. No hidden meaning, no hidden messages, what you see is exactly what happens.

I can confirm, when watching this film, that you will feel such a wide array of emotions, that at the end of it you will have to sit for at least 10 minutes just to even try and comprehend what you have just watched. But trust me, it’s worth it. Overall, I would definitely tell you to watch this film, just do it… Enjoy 🌺🌸

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