Fantasy Island (2020)

This was yet another typical Lucy Hale Horror Film.. it wasn’t the best horror I’ve ever seen, but it certainly wasn’t the worst horror I’ve ever seen.. if you want an easy watcher that will keep you entertained and somewhat hooked, but don’t require all of your attention, then here’s a film for you!

Although I don’t think this film is at all ‘poor’, the plot twist in the film could have been much better, and hints could have been dropped throughout the film rather than it being forced in within the last 10/15minutes of the film.

If I had to compare this film to another, I could say it was the equivalent rating and horror factor as ‘Truth or Dare’, which funnily enough is another Lucy Hale Horror film.

Overall, I would say this is a movie with potential that was failed by its poor plot twist at the end. If you want an easy to watch horror film, here’s what you should watch. If you want a film with an amazing ending or high on the horror factor, I’d find yourself a different film!

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