Harry Potter Film Series (2001-2011)

I decided I wouldn’t waste anybody’s time by writing a review for every single one of the Harry Potter films, as I would just end up repeating myself for the most part;therefore I decided to just write a review for the whole film series in one review.

Like any film series, this series has its films that are much better, and some that are slightly below par.. however after a quick look online I would disagree with the order in which some people put them in.. so I will leave the best to work order up to you.

Overall, these films are an incredible watch, and I would recommend them to absolutely anybody. They are so ridiculously gripping, and heartwarming, and panic easing at so many different points throughout the film series. They make me laugh, cry, smile, and worry every single time I watch them. Whether I start from the beginning and watch them all the way through, or I choose a random one to watch, I will never not enjoy this series!

If you do not enjoy this film series then I am sorry in advance, but you must be somewhat strange… Just Kidding, but for those of you who have never seen Harry Potter, please give it the chance and watch this amazing film series! Enjoy ❣️


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