Trick (2019)

I watched this film for 2 reasons; 1- it was in the Netflix UK Top 10, 2- i was in the mood for a slasher horror. To my surprise, it wasn’t as ‘slashery’ as I had both hoped and expected, however that certainly didn’t take away any enjoyment I had from watching this movie.

I would personally describe this film as a horror mystery, as it was following the police and the investigation more than focusing on the slasher and his victims. I am a fan of a mystery film so I personally enjoyed the way that this was done. However I would say that if you are wanting a full on slasher gorefest then this probably isn’t the movie for you.. this isn’t to say that when this film shows gore it’s not very gorey, as it most certainly is, especially with a couple of decapitations throughout the film!

The acting was pretty good through, with a couple of patches that I though were subpar, but overall would watch a movie with the majority of these actors in again!

The ending has almost certainly set this film up for a sequel (which I would be pretty happy to watch), however if they do make a sequel, I really hope that it’s not just the same as this film but in a different location.. saying that, I will have faith that this is not the case until the movie is released!

Overall, this film was enjoyable for those who like mysteries with a side of gore and horror. It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen but I would recommend! Enjoy 🔪

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