Deadpool 2 (2018)

As always, Ryan Reynolds did not disappoint. Deadpool was more hilarious than I both wanted and expected, with no disappointment as to the hilarity of the film. I would also argue that this film was better than original, especially with the new added characters!

Although I enjoyed the clear hilarity of this film, I would argue that the plot line to this film was somewhat predictable. Although still extremely enjoyable to watch, it is probably not the ‘superhero’ film that I would watch purely for a fantastic plot or plot twist.

I have to say, I really enjoyed Domino, and would certainly want to be her in the superhero word, despite the (arguably) lack of powers that she possesses.

I’d say, be prepared for more gore than you would expect, but it works none the less! Overall, if you like marvel comedies then I would highly recommend this film… if you want a serious marvel film, I’d recommend to go ahead and watch a classic instead! Hope this helps, Enjoy 🤘🏻

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