Hereditary (2018)

This film left me in complete confusion and I didn’t really know what I have wanted or where I stood.. But let’s start at the beginning. Right from the start, this film had absolutely applaud worthy acting that I could not fault, from each and every main actor throughout this film.

Within the film half an hour, this film had me hooked and shocked for some many different reasons. It was surprisingly gorey at points, which I honestly wasn’t expecting from this film. The creepiness of the film was present from the start and that’s just want I wanted.

However, the twist at the end honestly ruined the film for me. It turned from an interesting horror into some sort of ritualistic scene, and I just wasn’t expecting or feeling.. this genuinely disappointed about the film, which I was enjoying up until that point.

So basically, this film is worth the watch.. just prepare to be somewhat disappointed at the end. Enjoy.. I hope 😁

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