The Impossible (2012)

I have to admit, this would not be my first time watching the impossible, but i loved it from the first time I watched it and this will probably always be one of my favourite films! The acting is amazing, the story is incredible, and to top this all off, I am baffled every time that this is a true story.. I cannot and will not be able to wrap my head around what that poor family went through! Not just the family, but every single person involved in the Boxing Day Tsunami, it’s so saddening and inconceivable, which makes this film even more mind blowing to watch!

If you are to watch this film, prepare for tears, and I mean floods and floods of tears. I always cry from the first 15 minutes, right through to the film end.. and then I have to take another 10 minutes afterwards to make sure I can process what I have just watched!

I have to stay, credit where credit is due.. everybody involved in this film, from the producers, actors, writers, special effects, they all did an absolutely incredible job and could not have told the family’s story in a better way than how they did.

I could recommend no better film to watch if you want a good cry and need a reality check! 100%, you have to watch this film ❣️

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