Mother! (2017)

I really, honestly don’t know where to start with reviewing this film. Initially, my reaction was drawn in purely due to the fact that it started Jennifer Lawrence. I had read the reviews and they were somewhat mixed so I figured I would give this film a shot.

First off, it was quite slow to start.. however once it started, it didn’t seem to slow. I thought that the plot twist was going to be that all of these people turning up at their house were ghosts and they were being haunted… ooh how wrong I was.

I will try not to spoil this as best I can but this film got weird.. and I mean very weird, very quickly. It got to the point where I didn’t know if I was watching the film that had been initially described to me, and I don’t really know how it got to the point it did. It had a huge plot twist with no warning at all and then no explanation . It is safe to say that I had to google this film and still remained baffled by what I just watched.

I am completely unsure whether I would recommend this film or not, as I believe it is based purely on personal taste as to whether you will enjoy this or not! If you do choose to watch it then I hope you’ll enjoy it, but I have to warn you, prepare to be all kinds of confused and baffled!

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