The Visit (2015)

What was this. I have a rule that if I start a film I must finish it, whether it’s good or not.. this one definitely fell under the not so good film pile. I have no idea how to describe this film other that what the hell!

The acting for starters was very mediocre and that’s all I have to say on that front. The plot of the story was just very meh.. nothing to shout about but not incredibly awful, but certainly not gripping. The plot twist was the only good part of this film, which lasted for about 3 minutes and then disappeared into the same mediocre film that it previously was.

The ending actually had potential to get better, but completely flopped and failed with complete everything I could imagine. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend to watch this film unless you want to be bored and disappointed.. I’m sorry to say, but very disappointed…

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